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Transient Behaviour (2023) 2x clarinets, bassoon, trumpet: Workshopped by Opera Australia 

Mystique (2023) Solo piano 

Resistance: In the Unlived Life (2022) Collection of Solo Works

Implacable (2022) Solo Timpani

Invisible (2022) Solo Double Bass

Infallible (2022) Solo Trombone

Hidden (2021) Bass Clarinet

Selasphorous Rufus (2021) Flute, Cello, two Violins

Ominous (2019) String Quartet

Through It (2019) Two pianos

Initium Novum (2019) Violin, Cello, Alto, Soprano, Vibraphone, Tom Blocks


chamber + electronics

The Australian Way (2022) Flute, Trumpet, Alto Sax. + fixed media

A Bird's Eye View (2023) Grand Piano, Korg Midi Keyboard + iRig Pad, Novation Midi Keyboard

Scintilla (2023) Solo guitar with live effects + fixed media

Stalassein (2023) Voice and piano + live electronics


My Dear, Be Aware (2023) Acousmatic EP

a glimpse of a red ring

on a whim

retro effervescence

The Apparel As My Apparatus (2022) 


 Wandering Star for SYO (2021)


 Tracks for: instructions for correct assembly with Clock&Spiel Productions: including Groceries (2023) 

Tracks for: ladybird ladybird by Linda Nicholls-Gidley: including Groceries (2023)

 Tracks for: the culture by Laura Jackson: including Don't Even Get Me Started (2022)

 Tracks for: silenced by Linda Nicholls-Gidley: including Golden (2022)

 Tracks for: puppets by Olivia Ruggiero: (2022)

 Tracks for: First Signs: the dementia podcast by Hammondcare (2022)

 Tracks for: Inexistence short film by Sophia Grant (2021)

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